5 Ways to find balance in Winter

Many of us find our energy levels depleted during the winter months. Our bodies naturally require more sleep and rest during this time of darkness and cold.  However our modern lifestyles, with the frenetic build up to the festive season and going to work and returning home in the dark, can quickly leave us feeling exhausted.

Restore balance during the winter months with these 5 steps:

1. Sip warm water throughout the day - avoid cold drinks and too much caffeine as these have a detrimental effect on your kidneys, which are particularly vulnerable during the cold months.  The kidneys are said to hold the essence of your life-force, drinking warm water will help them function optimally by flushing out toxins as well as keep your digestive system stoked.

2. Meditate daily - find a quiet space and simply notice your breath for a few minutes (as little as 3 minutes will have a positive effect). This has a wonderfully calming effect on the mind and if practiced regularly will really help you cultivate a sense clarity, focus and peace.

3. Slow down - easier said than done, I know! Especially during the crazy festive season.  Select your social engagements carefully and ensure you have at least one day of relative rest every week as well as several evenings when you can stay cosy at home and go to bed a little earlier.

4. Give yourself a warm oil massage - rubbing oils such as almond oil on to the body after a bath or shower helps to heat the body by creating friction as well as stimulates the lymphatic system which rids the body of toxins. Massage is also very soothing for the nervous system and your skin will be left delightfully silky soft :-)

5. Eat stews and soups - your body needs hot hearty food at this time of year to maintain energy levels. Include lots of root vegetables and spices such as ginger, black pepper and cloves for an extra warming effect.  I highly recommend investing in a slow cooker so you can arrive home at the end of your day to a hot meal ready for you to simply sit down and enjoy.