A simple practice to connect back to you

This is a lovely simple practice to do any time you feel agitated as it will quickly bring you back to a place of calm.  It also helps to strengthen your deep abdominal and back muscles following pregnancy, helping you regain correct posture and more inner strength.

1. Place your right hand on your heart and your left hand on your belly. 

2. Close your eyes and focus on the warm grounding sensation of the hands on your body.

3. Bring your awareness to your breath.  On your inhale feel your belly push your hand away. On your exhale, notice your belly soften and your hand gently draw back in.

4. On your next exhale purposefully draw the abdominal muscles in.  Keep your abdominal muscles drawn in as you take your next inhale. Notice how you now feel your breath in your right hand and your whole rib cage is expand. Keep breathing with your abdominals drawn in. Taking a few normal, restful breaths when you need to.

Stay with this practice for as long as long as you are able too - even just a few minutes is enough to come back to a more peaceful place and to ignite your inner abdominal strength.

I hope you find this practice useful!

Alice xx