Golden Thread Breath

This breath uses visualisation to help focus the mind and extend the exhalation to help ease the body into deep rest.   The heart of this practice is softness, and the breath should be completely comfortable and soothing.  It is particularly useful during the first stage of labour as the cervix thins and opens as extending the outbreath is very effective for managing pain and anxiety.  

How to do it:

1. Sit or lie comfortably, relax the jaw and throat and close your eyes.

2. Take a gentle inhale through the nose.

3. Exhale extremely gently through the mouth through slightly parted lips and teeth, visualising a very thin, soft and silky golden thread spiralling out of your mouth.

Practice this breath for several minutes, letting each breath gradually become longer, and the focus on the golden thread literally take the mind's attention further away, completely out of the body. The further the mind travels, the more the body can relax into a quiet space of stillness and ease.

You can also practice this breath in a position for birth, such as hip circles on all fours, for about 1 minute, simulating breathing and moving through a contraction. 

I hope you find this practice useful :-)