Birth Breath

This breath technique (also known as the J Breath) is used to help ensure a gentle birth for you and your baby.  It maximises the power of your breath to work with the Natural Expulsive Reflex (NER) to move your baby out of your uterus through the cervix, down the birth canal and out in to the world.  It is vitally important to remain relaxed and really focus on keeping your jaw loose (remember the Sphincter Law: loose jaw - loose bottom!) so the body opens slowly to birth your baby. 

How to practice it:

1. The best time to practice this technique is on the toilet when you are having a number 2.  

2. Be aware of the wave like sensation which moves your stool down and out of your body. 

3. During the wave like sensation (a milder version of the NER contraction you will experience during birth) take a short, deep inhale and direct your exhale down the body and out through your bottom keeping all the muscles of your lower outlets completely relaxed. Keeping your jaw completely free of tension will help with this!

Resist the temptation to push! Pushing actually creates tension in the body making tearing more likely as it tightens the sphincter muscles.  

See the Positions for Birth Video for a reminder of the best positions in which to birth your baby.