Alice Blazy-Winning
This pregnancy yoga class changed my outlook completely - it made me feel so much more at ease and confident in my body and its abilities. I can’t thank you enough!
— Julie Burns with Baby Rose

Are you ready to start enjoying your pregnancy and looking forward to your baby's birth?

Join my 6-week programme to empower your pregnancy and prepare for a calm and confident birth!


In the 6 week programme, you'll:

✔️ Learn how to manage labour naturally using breath techniques, positions and relaxation

✔️ Ease pregnancy niggles such as back pain, pelvic pain, heartburn, tiredness, anxiety and nausea

✔️ Develop strength and confidence so you're fit and positive as your pregnancy progresses

✔️Feel more calm so you can really enjoy your pregnancy and actually start look forward to meeting your baby

✔️ Meet other mums-to-be to share your experience with and to support each other as you transition through motherhood together

BONUS: When you sign up you'll receive access to my Pregnancy & Birth Toolkit - a wealth of digital resources to help you really enjoy your pregnancy and prepare for your best birth :-)

Programme starts Monday 21st October

7pm - 8.15pm

£70 for the 6 weeks

This class was by far my most helpful thing I did to prepare for birth - the breathing exercises were gold to me! They really helped me manage the pain effectively.
— Annabel Leckenby & Baby Lewis

All classes take place in the beautiful Our World Yoga Studio in the heart of the West End of Glasgow

1000 Great Western Road, Glasgow G12 0NR


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Alice is a fountain of knowledge and wisdom. The techniques I learned were invaluable - I had a perfect birth!
— Sarah Bolland

I feel so much calmer, more centred, more in touch with my baby. Plus I sleep like a log after class every Monday night!
— Jenny Anderson

"Alice is a very knowledgeable teacher with a warm, intelligent and caring style. The confidence I gained as a result of the class helped me have an even more beautiful birth that I'd dared hope!"

- Raquel London

"I have to admit I initially joined the class mostly as a way to keep fit and meet others having babies but I've gotten so much more than that. It's changed my view of birth from something to fear to reassurance that my body is built for it and can do it!"  

- Donna Carson

"This class was the highlight of my pregnancy! I felt so much calmer and I loved the welcoming atmosphere and learning about the beneficial positions for pregnancy and birth."

- Amy Hamilton

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Hi I'm Alice!

When I first became pregnant in 2011 I was overjoyed to be expecting but terrified at the thought of birth! How on earth can something the size of a baby exit my body without significant pain and damage??!

I spent my pregnancy learning all about the physiology of birth, equipping myself with natural birth and hypnobirthing techniques and went on to have an amazing natural birth at home. 

Another beautiful natural birth later and a further 300 hours of specialised training I've now made it my mission to help support other women in the same position I was - if I can do it you can too!


Are you ready to make your best birth a reality?

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