Contemplations for Birth

I would like to invite you to start to really contemplate your baby's birth, if you haven't done so already.  The sooner you start to face any fears you have around birth, the sooner you can start to deal with them and work towards making your ideal birth a reality, allowing you to truly enjoy your pregnancy and look forward to your baby's birth.  Download the Birth Contemplations worksheet (you can either type the answers in directly or print the worksheet and write in the answers).  A cuppa and some scrummy dark chocolate might also help as you work through the questions ;-)

Before approaching this worksheet, it is worth taking a couple of minutes to center yourself. You can use the Breath Awareness Audio from week 1 to do this.  Once you have completed the Breath Awareness, take a final deep breath and dive in!

Download the BIRTH CONTEMPLATIONS worksheet

Review your worksheet every week or two - has anything else come up? Any other hidden fears or any other desires you have around your ideal birth for your baby? Ensure you keep taking action to mitigate your fears so you can approach your baby's birth with more joy.

Let me know how you get on with this exercise, sharing your thoughts, ideas and any questions with the Facebook group or emailing me directly.

I hope you find this practice useful :-)