Pregnancy is such an exciting time, yet it can be challenging and even stressful too! 

Between all the hormonal and physical shifts going on in your body, worrying about the birth, concerns about managing financially and anxious about how becoming a mum may change the relationship with your partner, there can be a lot going on!

Something I found fundamental to helping manage all the stresses of pregnancy was taking just a few minutes every day simply to focus on my breath and to connect in with my baby. Once I started this practice, it was a real turning point for me - I felt so much calmer not only about the pregnancy, but also about other day-to-day worries such as work, family relationships etc. This practice helped me to truly enjoy my pregnancy and look forward to my baby's birth with joy, confidence and peace.

Below I have recorded a guided breath awareness practice for you so you too can find calm and connect with your baby :-)

I very much hope you find it helpful!

Alice xx